ISO Continues to Grow!

Recently the International Organization for Standardization released their annual ISO Survey of Management System Standard for 2013. Some of the details are as follows:

The ISO reported on the main trends:

  • 2013 demonstrates comprehensive growth for all seven ISO management systems standards covered by the survey, with a 4 % increase in numbers of certificates issued worldwide.
  • ISO 9001, the leading standard on quality management, continued to show very respectable growth (3 %) while ISO 14001 registered 6 % growth
  • The Asian market still leads the way this year, dominated by China and, to a lesser extent, Japan, while Europe comes a close second, headed predominantly by Italy and Germany.
  • Underscoring world environmental concerns, ISO 14001 for environmental management records a 20 % increase in several regions – with China in the lead for numbers of certificates issued – suggesting lasting potential for growth in years to come.
  • Equally promising, ISO 22000 for food management showed good performance in all regions, with a remarkable 17 % growth rate in Europe.
  • Up to the end of December 2013, at least 1,129,446 ISO 9001 certificates had been issued in 187 countries and economies.