About Us


Our vision is to become Canada's number one internationally recognized competent Management System Registrar.Impartiality and customer focus are our guiding principles and our success depends on honesty, courtesy and professionalism leading to the consistent delivery of high quality services certification.  

 Mission Statement

 To assess, review and certify management systems in a way which adds value to companies and ensures highest quality.

Policy Statement

RFTC certification goal is to provide the highest Management Systems assessment, so that our Clients are recognized as the industry

standard for excellence.

  We will distinguish ourselves through dedication toward improving our Client’s Management Systems.

We understand the importance of impartiality andconflict of interest to ensure objectivity of our Certification activities.

We will foster developmental relationships with the Clients we serve to achieve Client satisfaction. 

 Our logo shall be perceived as a symbol of Quality and Excellence.

RFTC certification is an internationally accredited Management System Registrar offering a comprehensive suite of services to those organizations

wishing to achieve registration.

RFTC certification has been built on decades of collective experience within the manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries.

Our senior staff played a major role in developing the content of the Quality System Requirements and piloting the first Quality System Requirement witness audit,setting the standard by which the industry is measured.

RFTC Offers Fair Approach

Our policy is to provide exceptional levels of customer service combined with common senseinterpretations of the Standards you wish to achieve.

Based on our extensive background within the quality industry we have developeda"thorough but fair" assessment approach to the registration

process. Business leaders have put the dedication and experience of RFTC certification personnel to work for them and you can too.

RFTC Adds Value to Your Organization

What differentiates an exceptional registrar from agood registrar is the quality and depth of their experience and knowledge oftheir auditors and


For an auditor to provide an intelligent approach to auditing, it takes years of working in the industry and understanding the business realities

companies' face on a day to day basis.

That is why RFTC certification audit teams must also complete, in addition to the accredited training of standards, comprehensive training requirements including Environmental, Continuous Improvement, and Lean concepts to qualify as an Alliance International auditor. 

RFTC Values Your Reputation

RFTC certification strives to provide continuity in the audit process by allocating one audit teamfrom contract to final surveillance.

 consistency in the interpretation of the standard and flexibility in scheduling.

RFTC certification also believes registration should be used as a development tool for your organization.

Registration is only the beginning of improving your overall business. 

 We will help by identifying opportunities for you to continue to develop your business processes to ensure not only conformance

to the intent of the Standard but improvement in all aspects of the company.

Experienced Based Practitioners With Service Driven Mindset

we provide un paralleled technical expertise, value
, and dedication for clients seeking quality management systems registration based on latest

 ISO guides, standards and other related services in an increasing global marketplace.

 During a recent survey of ISO registrar performance, RFTC certification was ranked among the top in overall customerservice.

The value of RFTC certification is the degree of public confidence and trust which is established by customer focus, the integrity ofits leadership,operating principles as well as impartial and competent assessments