ISO 14001:2004

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

The pressure to meet stringent environmental requirements placed upon companies has never been greater. As consumers move their focus towards sustainability rather than purely price, Industry must respond by decreasing its environmental impacts and improving its use of raw materials and recycling.Sound environmental management relates to identification of potential impacts, management of these issues and measurement of the success of your management programs. The internationally recognised ISO 14001 series of Standards is a good starting point to assist companies to identify the areas within their operations where they can improve their environmental performance. The ISO 14001 Standard is not designed to tell you how to manage your business; rather it is a tool you can use to improve the efficiency of your business systems and environmental performance.

Environmental Management Systems Certification Scheme (EMS)

The scheme is operated according to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use. This standard is identical with ISO 14001EMS provides a structured process for the achievement of continual improvement, the rate and extent of  which  will  be  determined  by  the  organization  in  the  light  of  socio-economic  and  other circumstances. Integration of environmental issues with the overall management system can contribute to the effective implementation of the Environmental Management System. In    the    wake    of    increasing    public    awareness   about    the   environment      with   increasing stringent environmental legislation,  the  development of economic  policies  and other measures to foster environmental protection and a general growth of  concern  from interested parties about environmental matters including  sustainable  development,  it has become necessary for organizations to  achieve  and  demonstrate  sound environmental performance through  a structured  management system.  RFTC Certification has introduced environmental   management systems certification scheme according to ISO 14001 in order to help the industry and other organizations achieve and demonstrate sound environmental performance.

Benefits provided by ISO 14001 standard:

• Environmental effects of company activities and environmental risks can be determined and controlled, and, thus, factors affecting the environment negatively can be reduced.

• Costs resulting from environmental effects can be reduced.

• Compliance with laws and regulations concerning environment can be achieved.

• Environmental effects in emergency situations can be reduced or eliminated.  

• Compliance with the legislation and regulations can be proven against Public Authority with documented environmental management system and by ISO 14001 Certification.

• The entity gains prestige by providing recognizability both at national and international level.

• Environmental awareness increases among the employees by employee trainings.

• Employees are motivated through working in an entity that does not harm the environment.

• Environmental expectations of the consumers are met and the chance to reach and win conscious consumers rises.

• Resources are used efficiently (energy, water, etc.).

• Pollution is controlled and reduced beginning from its source.